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Smart TV (LCD & LED) Repairing Course

Basic Electronics

›› Identification and testing of all components.
›› About LCD & LED TV Technology.
›› How to Replace all Normal & SMD Component.
›› How to Replace all types of Socket & Jack

Advance tracing & fault repair classes

›› Assembling & Disassembling.
›› Power Supply (SMPS) How to fix faulty Power Supply     Board.
›› Main Board (Logic card).
›› Scalar PCB.
›› T-con Board.
›› Backlight Card (Inverter Board & LED Driver Circuit).
›› Panel (LCD & LED).
›› COF, COG, COP, Side Coff, Tab & About Bounding of Coff.
›› Panel Mapping, STB Circuit, Protection Circuit, Useful Equipment & tools, Schematic Diagram, Test Point, Shortcut tricks etc.
›› Bios Upgrading (Main Board, Tcon Board, Panel Epprom) & Bios Related fault How to Resolve it.
›› Mostly Coming Fault and its Solution.
›› Dead TV.
›› Backlight failure
›› No Video.
›› No Audio.
›› Port Not Working (VGA, HDMI, AV, USB etc)
›› OSD Menu Failure.
›› White Screen, Rainbow Screen, Negative Picture, Mirror image, Reverse image, Lining in image etc.
›› Dead Condition (TV & Monitor).
›› Modification.
›› Panel, Logic Card, Power Card, Inverter, Backlight, etc.
›› About Universal, Logic Card, Power Card, Inverter card, etc.
›› Bypass Tricks & Repair History.
›› Panel Bypass New Method (No Need to Replace Coff if Possible).
›› How to Install Universal PCB to other Brand TV.
›› LVDS Mapping (Software & Hardware).
›› What are Non HD, HD, Full HD, and How to Configure Each other?
›› How to Solved all VRM Burn PCB in Short time.
›› Start Your TV Without Bios Memory.


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