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Computer Hardware & Networking

Introduction, Current, Voltage, amp, Power generation system, Switch- plug wiring, Types of Conductors, Semi conducers - Silicon, Germanium.

1.2. Electronics Components.

Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Transforms, Types, working and Properties, Voltage and Currant sources, Diode, Zener diode, Photo diode, Light emitting diode(LED), Transistors (NPN, PNP), Field effect transistor, Photo transistor.

1.3. Electronics Circuits.

AC Fundamentals, Ohm’s law, Series and Parallel connection of Registers and Capacitors, Half Wave rectifier, Full wave rectifier and Bridge rectifier.

1.4. Regulated Power Supply.

Basic regulated power supply using Zener diode Block diagram of IC based Power supply. Basic Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Basic uninterrupted Power Supply (adaptor).

1.5. Basic Measuring Instruments.

Multimeters – Electronics and Digital, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), basic working. Different uses of CRO, Different tools used for practicals, Soldering and desoldering practice.

Microprocessor System

Introduction to Processors, Memory Interfacing, Interfacing I/O Devices, Interfacing Data Converters, Display Interface, Serial I/O and Data Communication, Higher level Processors.

2.2 Introduction to PC Architecture

Study of PC-AT/ATX System, Pentium, Core, Core 2 Cord, Core 2 Duo, I3, I5, I7 Processor Basics of Processor and CPU Block Diagram of Computer and Computer Generation Motherboards, Chipset and Controllers, BIOS and the Boot Process, Computer Memory.

2.3 Internal Components

IDE and SATA Devices: Hard Disk Drive and CD/DVDs Drives, SCSI Devices, Floppy Disk, Zip Drive, Backup Drive, Expansion Cards- LAN Card, IDE Card, VGA and SVGA Cards, Sound Card, Interface Cards, I/O cards, Video Cards, USB Card, Fire-Wire Cards, Internal Ports, Cables and Connector Types.

2.4 External Components

Monitors:- CRT, LCD and LED Displays, Printers:- Dot-Matrix Printer, Inkjet Printer, Laser Printer Keyboards, Mouse, External Modem, Ports and Connectors, Batteries, Power supply, Pen Drives, SCSI interface Devices, Laptop Computers, Digital Advance storage technology.

2.5. Network Components

Introduction of Network Cable like UTP, STP, Fiber Optics, Hub, Unmanageable Switch, Manageable Switch, Router, Modem, Wi-Fi, Access Point, PCI Wireless Card, USB Wireless Device, Print Server, USB Network Sharer, Backup Device.

Operating System Basics & Installation

Introduction to OS, Types of Operating systems, System files FAT and NTFS Dos 6.22, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and multi Boot Operating System

3.2 Various types of Software Installation

MS-Office2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, Acrobat Reader, Multimedia Software’s and Internet Browsers like- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.

3.3 Device Installation

Graphics Card, Sound Card, LAN Card, Wireless LAN Card, SCSI Card, External Drive, Flash Cards, Web Camera, CCTV Camera, Mobile Devices, Pen Drive, Firewire Cards, Modem, Plotter, Wireless LAN, Access Point etc.

3.4 Diagnostic Tools & PC Maintenance

Introduction, Virus and its types, Effect of Virus for Computer System, Scanning and Antivirus remover tools, Antivirus Utilities for Diagnostic, Data Recovery, Concept of Fax and E-mail, PC care and Maintenance, Electrical Power Issues, Troubleshooting PC Hardware:- O/S Troubleshooting issues in computer System

3.5 Basic Network Introduction & Installation

Introduction About Network, Installing Network Operating System Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server, Cable Crimping, Network Sharing and user Permission, Internet Connection, E-Mail, Cloud Networking, Google Drive, Drop box etc.

1. Switch Board Wiring and Testing

2. Soldering and De-Soldering Practice

3. Component Testing and Symbols

4. Voltage Measurement of Different Circuits

5. Testing and Measurement of SMPS

6. Half wave, Full wave & Bridge rectifiers

7. Electronic Project ( Minor Project )

8. Assembling of a Computer

9. Installation of different Operating Systems

10. Installation of different device drivers

11. Installation of different Application Software

12. Biometric Security Device Installation and Configuration

13. To Run All Dos Command (Internal and External Dos Command)

14. Assembling and Dissembling Of a Computer System

15. Installation of Different Operating Systems : Windows XP, Windows 7

16. Troubleshooting and Repair Operating System : Windows XP, Windows 7

17. Tacking Data Backup and System Formatting and OS Installation

18. Installation of Different Device and Drivers PCI, PCI-E, AGP

19. Installation of Ms Office 2003, Ms-Office 2007 and Ms-Office 2010

20. Installation of On Board and PCI Device Driver

21. Installation of Web Camera and CCTV Camera Drivers and Software

22. Installation of Application Software : Photoshop 7.0, Page Maker 6.5, CorelDraw 12

23. Installation of CD-DVD Burning Software like: Nero 7.0 & Power ISO 4.0

24. Installation of Tally 7.2 and Tally ERP 9.0 and Tack Data Backup

25. Installation and Troubleshooting Different types of Antivirus Software

26. Installation Dual Operating System like: Windows XP and Windows 7

27. Installation and Troubleshooting of Printer (Dot-Matrix and Laser Printer)

28. Installation and Troubleshooting of Scanner (Photo & Bar Code Scanner)

29. To Repair and Troubleshooting of SMPS, Monitor, Printer and Motherboard

30. To Install All Types of Connectors and Converters

31. To Run All Types of Network Troubleshooting Command

Basic difference between analog and digital

Application and advantages of digital signal processing


Decimal odometer, Binary odometer, Why Binary numbers are used, Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal number system; Conversion from decimal and hexadecimal to Binary and vice versa, BCD numbers, ASCII code, Basic Concept of parity.


Definition symbols and truth tables of NOT.AND, OR, NAND, NOR, EXOR Gates. Simple application in developing combinational logic circuits Diode Logic, Transistor Inverter, TTL Logic

Introduction to networks and networking, LAN, VLAN, CAN, MAN, WAN, Internet and Intranet etc. Uses and benefits of Network, Server-client based network, peer to peer networks.

2.2 Network Hardware and Components:

Concept of Server, client, node, Analog and Digital transmission, Network Interface Card, Crimping tools crimping and Cross Crimping Functions of NIC, Repeaters, Hub, Switches, Routers, Bridges, Router etc.

2.3 Transmission Media and Topologies

Media types: STP cable, UTP cable, Coaxial cable, Fiber cable, Base band and Broadband Transmission, Cables and Connectors, Physical and logical topologies, Bus, Star, Ring.

2.4 Protocols and Services

HTTP, FTP and other Different types of protocols, OSI Model, Media Access Method, DNS Services, DHCP services, WINS services and RAS services, Web services, Proxy Services etc.

2.5 TCP/IP and Sub-netting

Introduction about TCP/IP and Sub-nettings, configuring IP address and sub nettings with Different Routers and Network, TCP/IP Errors and Solutions.


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