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Smart Phone Repairing Course

Level 1

1. Introduction to Mobile Phone.

2. Basic Electronics :-

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Resistor
  • Transistor
  • Capacitor
  • Diode
  • Inductor / Coil
  • Transformer
  • Integrated Circuit
  • Speaker / Ringer
  • Microphone
  • Vibrate Motor
  • Display
  • Power Switch
  • Fuse
  • Using Multimeter

3. Construction of Battery Booster, Charger and its uses.

4. Assembling and Disassembly of Mobile Phone.

Level 2

1. Basic and Special Components of Mobile Phone.

2. Checking the Basic Component of Mobile Phone and its Faults.

3. Technique of Soldering and using SMD Rework Station.

4. Water Damage and Washing of Mobile Phone with CTC.

Level 3

1. Introduction to SMD Components.

2. Testing of SMD components.

3. BGA IC Reballing and Installing.

4. Installing and Removing Connector, Display flex, Folding and Sliding Handset Flex Cable.

5. Circuit Tracing of Different Section of Mobile Phone.

  • Charging Section
  • Network Section
  • Keypad Section
  • Display Section
  • Speaker and Ringer Section
  • Blue Tooth Section
  • Infra red Section
  • Light Section
  • Mic Section

6. Different Models and Series of Nokia, Samsung & Chinese Mobile and their differences.

7. Different ICs and its Uses.

8. Checking Shorting and Technique to Remove.

9. Hot and Cold Testing.

10. Voltage Tracing and different volts used in Mobile Phone.

11. Jumpers and its Technique.

12. Dead set Repairing.

13. Fault Findings etc.....

Basic of Smartphone & Tablet.

  • About Smartphone
  • Difference between Features Phone & Smartphone
  • History of Smartphone
  • Function of Smartphone

Basic Electronics

  • How to find out ok and faulty component in Smartphone & Tablet ?
  • Assembling/Dissembling of difficult types of Smartphone & Tablet.

Advance Practical Class

  • What is the use of TM Machine ?
  • How to use DC Power Supply ?
  • How to replace SMD component ?
  • How to replace various types of sockets & Jack ?
  • How to replace BGA/PGA IC ?
  • How to re-ball BGA IC with STENCILS?

Advance Hardware Repairing

  • How to find problems whether it’s Hardware or Software?
  • Section wise repairing of Smartphone & Tablet?
  • Tracing & fault finding in all logic section in Smartphone & Tablet?
  • How to find which section is defected, according to fault ?

Such As- Network section, Display section, Charging section, Audio section, WI-FI section

  • How to define Smartphone & Tablet all logic section without using Circuit Diagram?
  • Components BYPASS method according to their fault.
  • Online and Offline repairing on various Companies Such As- IPHONE, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony, Redmi etc…..

Introduction class

  • Parts of computer/ computer operating.
  • Driver installation.
  • Mobile phone S/W Repairing with Coding
  • All types of repairing of software problem
  • All types of unlocking, User lock, Sim lock, Country lock, Frp bypass lock

Basic concept about information technology of phone

  • Gsm phone ,Cdma phone, Chinese phone.

Repairing by Various types of S/W Tools

  • Use of odin
  • Use of multiloader
  • Use of flash tool
  • Use of sp tool
  • Use of upgrade tool
  • Use of ygdp
  • Use of qc tool
  • Use of android multi tool
  • Use of itunes
  • Use of blackberry distop manager
  • Use of iroot /king root
  • Use of sidesync
  • Use of mi flash
  • Use of sony flash tool
  • Use of cmd tool
  • Use of recovery tool
  • Find error and solve
  • Use of diffrent type of other s/w
  • Use of diffrent type of driver
  • All tool & flasher

Repairing By S/W Boxes

  • Use of turbo
  • Use of infinity best
  • Use of z3x normal
  • Use of z3x pro
  • Use of miracle box
  • Use of volcano box
  • Use of ufs3
  • Use of nck box
  • Use of octopus
  • Use of mobile doctor
  • Company based theory and practile
  • Flashing , formatting ,network repairing,IMEI reparing, solve blank & white display, solve hang , solve stand on logo, solve dead problem by software , solve contact service,solve virus problem,solve all types of software problem in handset
  • Nokia,Flashing,Unlocking,Network repairing
  • Special repair in windows phone
  • Samsung,Flashing,Unlocking,CountryunlockSpunlock,Simunlock,Frp unlock, Phone /user unlock,Imei repairing
  • Chinese phone,Micromax ,spice,karbonn,lava,xolo,Lenovo,Panasonic,mi, all Chinese phone,Flashing,Formatting,Unlocking,User unlock,Sim unlock ,FRP unlock,Countryunlock,Netwaork repairing
  • Advance phone repairing and serviceing,iphone phone online flashing and offline flashing ,unlocking ,user unlock,country unlock,icloud unlockfull practical classon iphone
  • Blackberry user unlock,country unlock ,sp unlock ,Flashin, Auto flash,Manual flash
  • Htc ,Flashing ,Update custorrom,Unbrick boot & recovery and all types Unlocking
  • Sony ,Flashing ,Unlocking,Update etc…..

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