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Smart TV (LCD & LED) Repairing Course

  • Identification and testing of all components.
  • About LCD & LED TV Technology.
  • How to Replace all Normal & SMD Component.
  • How to Replace all types of Socket & Jack
  • Assembling & Disassembling.
  • Power Supply (SMPS) How to fix faulty Power Supply Board.
  • Main Board (Logic card).
  • Scalar PCB.
  • T-con Board.
  • Backlight Card (Inverter Board & LED Driver Circuit).
  • Panel (LCD & LED).
  • COF, COG, COP, Side Coff, Tab & About Bounding of Coff.
  • Panel Mapping, STB Circuit, Protection Circuit, Useful Equipment & tools, Schematic Diagram, Test Point, Shortcut tricks etc.
  • Bios Upgrading (Main Board, Tcon Board, Panel Epprom) & Bios Related fault How to Resolve it.
  • Mostly Coming Fault and its Solution.
  • Dead TV.
  • Backlight failure
  • No Video.
  • No Audio.
  • Port Not Working (VGA, HDMI, AV, USB etc)
  • OSD Menu Failure.
  • White Screen, Rainbow Screen, Negative Picture, Mirror image, Reverse image, Lining in image etc.
  • Dead Condition (TV & Monitor).
  • Modification.
  • Panel, Logic Card, Power Card, Inverter, Backlight, etc.
  • About Universal, Logic Card, Power Card, Inverter card, etc.
  • Bypass Tricks & Repair History.
  • Panel Bypass New Method (No Need to Replace Coff if Possible).
  • How to Install Universal PCB to other Brand TV.
  • LVDS Mapping (Software & Hardware).
  • What are Non HD, HD, Full HD, and How to Configure Each other?
  • How to Solved all VRM Burn PCB in Short time.
  • Start Your TV Without Bios Memory.

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